Milwaukee Polonia receives award

“Milwaukee Polonia: The Roman Kwasniewski Photographs” collection was awarded the Polish American Congress-Wisconsin Division’s Congressman Clement J. Zablocki “Civic Achievement Award” at an event on Nov. 8, 2015. The award is given to to individuals and organizations that are making a major difference within the Polish community both here in the Milwaukee area and throughout the state of Wisconsin. It is an honor to be … Continue reading Milwaukee Polonia receives award


UWM Post: Volume One online

The fall of 1956 was an exciting time in Milwaukee.  Not only was it the start of the fall semester, but there was a new school, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and a new student newspaper, the UWM Post. This fall, the UWM Archives and Digital Collections are excited to announce something new as well—the first volume of the UWM Post is now digitized and fully searchable … Continue reading UWM Post: Volume One online


The full run of Kaleidoscope is online

By Hailey Strickon In 1967, Vietnam, the Beatles, and interracial marriages graced the covers of Time magazine. The Velvet Underground released their first album. So did Jimi Hendrix. Psychedelia bloomed. 1967 was also the year of the long hot summer when many cities, including Milwaukee, experienced rioting and civil unrest.​ This was the scene at the time of Kaleidoscope‘s premiere in October of that year. Milwaukee’s … Continue reading The full run of Kaleidoscope is online


Milwaukee Polonia Digital Collection is live!

Today we launch Milwaukee Polonia, a digital collection of nearly 32,000 historic photographs of our city’s historic Polish-American community. The launch is just in time for Milwaukee’s annual Polish Fest celebration, June 13-15, 2014. We’ve been blogging about our progress here since last year; and if you’ve been following along, you know that today represents a significant accomplishment. Today’s launch isn’t just photographs: our online … Continue reading Milwaukee Polonia Digital Collection is live!

Milwaukee Gay/Lesbian Cable Network Videos Available Online

by Emma Cobb The UWM Libraries recently published the video archives of the Milwaukee Gay/Lesbian Cable Network (MGLCN), an important media collection relating to local LGBT history. MGLCN was a volunteer group that produced regular and special programming on gay and lesbian issues for Milwaukee’s public access channel from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s. Its most significant programs were Tri-Cable Tonight and New Tri-Cable. … Continue reading Milwaukee Gay/Lesbian Cable Network Videos Available Online

The Cannons of Kosciuszko Park

By Dan Hauck The Roman Kwasniewski photograph collection includes many photographs of the Tadeusz Kosciuszko monument at Kosciuszko Park on Milwaukee’s south side. Most of the photographs were taken in the 1920s when the monument was located in its original location on the north side of the park. Those photographs all include two cannons flanking the mounted general. I frequently pass the park these days, … Continue reading The Cannons of Kosciuszko Park

Following clues from Vietnam to Freeport, IL to Madison, WI – Harrison Forman Collection

By Susan Dykes, AGSL NEH project The beauty of the Harrison Forman Collection is evident in his images taken from all over the world. What isn’t evident sometimes is the time, place or context of the images, which makes it difficult to describe them so users can find them online. Occasionally, our metadata creators refer to Forman’s notes, which may be incredibly detailed or sadly, … Continue reading Following clues from Vietnam to Freeport, IL to Madison, WI – Harrison Forman Collection

Scanning large formats : 1861 Map of Korea

by Angie Cope, AGSL The UW Milwaukee Digital Collections hosts the American Geographical Society Library Digital Map Collection featuring nearly 2,000 maps. Everything from everyday local maps to historic treasures are included. One map, the Daedong yeojido or “Territorial Map of the Great East,” was added in 2009. The map was part of a larger purchase by the American Geographical Society (AGS) of New York … Continue reading Scanning large formats : 1861 Map of Korea

Remembering Nelson Mandela

In honor of the passing of Nelson Mandela, we would like to share images from our collection documenting the apartheid era in South Africa, including this image, depicting a protest against apartheid in Cape Town in 1961, the year before Mandela was imprisoned for his anti-apartheid activism. Cape Town, protest sign against apartheid at cathedral, Harrison Forman, 1961 Images from the Cities Around the World … Continue reading Remembering Nelson Mandela