UWM Post: Volume One online

The fall of 1956 was an exciting time in Milwaukee.  Not only was it the start of the fall semester, but there was a new school, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and a new student newspaper, the UWM Post. This fall, the UWM Archives and Digital Collections are excited to announce something new as well—the first volume of the UWM Post is now digitized and fully searchable … Continue reading UWM Post: Volume One online

The full run of Kaleidoscope is online

By Hailey Strickon In 1967, Vietnam, the Beatles, and interracial marriages graced the covers of Time magazine. The Velvet Underground released their first album. So did Jimi Hendrix. Psychedelia bloomed. 1967 was also the year of the long hot summer when many cities, including Milwaukee, experienced rioting and civil unrest.​ This was the scene at the time of Kaleidoscope‘s premiere in October of that year. Milwaukee’s … Continue reading The full run of Kaleidoscope is online